Why choose Australia?

Australia is an extremely popular destination for highly skilled young people wishing to start a new life in another country. The country’s economy is strong and Australia is actively encouraging the immigration of skilled migrants. Skilled migrants wishing to work in Australia will be assessed on a points based system with points awarded for work experience, qualifications and language proficiency. Other ways of obtaining immigration visas to Australia include the Australian Family Migration and Humanitarian Programs.

Application Progress

Your occupation must be on an open “Demand” list either under the Federal Skilled Migrant Program – Subclass 189 or State Sponsorship Skilled Migrant Program – Subclass 190 or State Sponsorship Skilled Temporary – Subclass 457. There are other sub classes which may also allow one to qualify.

The process begins with the Skills Assessment which is carried out by the Australian body governing your profession or one that is designated by the Government of Australia to assess your skill and background. At this time you will also be required to take the IELTS English Language General Test.

Once this is approved, you have the option to apply for Federal Immigration Processing – Enter the pool of applicants through the EOI (Expression of Interest) process or apply for State Sponsorship, wherein a State in Australia approves you and invites you through the EOI system to apply for immigration. This is a two step process, i.e. apply to the state and once approved the Federal EOI will change to an Invitation to Apply for migration. This often complex system which is very up to date and fast, has to be navigated through carefully as there are deadlines, specific document requirements etc., to qualify and make a successful application.

Benefits as a Permanent Resident or Citizen of Australia

  • Sparsely populated country with vast areas of open space;
  • Pristine environment;
  • Access to all social services including free education;
  • Free health care – considered to be the best;
  • Multicultural policy preserves cultural differences;
  • Defender of human rights;
  • Ranks as a Middle Power in world affairs;
  • Reputation as International Peace Keeper;
  • The most prestigious citizenship with all applicable benefits;
  • A highly respected passport;
  • Australia is renowned for its unequalled standard of living – (ranked by the United Nations for seven consecutive years as the best lifestyle);
  • The enviable position Australia  holds is due to a Australian Value System that provides fundamental freedoms and rights only a stable democratic system can offer;
  • Immeasurable natural resources;
  • Australia’s success is largely attributed to its multiculturalism and is considered an essential part of its rich national heritage;
  • As a Permanent Resident of Australia or as a citizen, you will benefit from expansive economic opportunities;
  • World-class universal medical care which is free to all;
  • You’ll also enjoy an impressive range of social programs and a strong banking system;
  • You will enjoy one of the world’s best publicly funded education systems (free until age 18), including very affordable education at university level at internationally renowned universities;
  • Safe neighbourhoods, even in large urban areas;
  • Guarantee of rights and freedoms for all Permanent Residents (from day one) and for citizens; Fundamental freedoms, democratic rights, mobility rights, legal rights, equality rights, official language and minority language educational rights enforcement, etc.;
  • Australia was founded and built by immigrants and to this day continues to welcome them warmly;  ◦ Australia offers excellent retirement benefits and support in your old age;
  • No conditions on your permanent resident status;
  • No requisites or conditions imposed by immigration authorities upon admission;
  • You may own your own property. Finance can be arranged through our Consultancy.


The Australian immigration program has opportunities for people with a variety of backgrounds, ages, qualifications and needs. Choose the route to Australia that best reflects your circumstances and goals:

  •  There is a strong emphasis in the Australian immigration program on attracting people who can contribute to the economy. If you are under 45, speak at least vocational level English, and have qualifications in one of the numerous priority professions and trades, you may be eligible under the Skilled Migration Program;
  • Australian permanent residence can be gained if you are willing to live in a particular region of Australia;
  • Provisions are made for people ready to invest in Australia or who have certain business skills;  ◦ Improve your proficiency in English and obtain qualifications from Australia’s world class tertiary institutions through the Student Visa Program;
  • Working Holiday Visas allow young people from a number of participating countries to support themselves while having the time of their lives Down Under.

*Australia also accepts migrants with relatives already in the country under the Family Stream Migration program, and welcomes refugees under the Humanitarian Program.

The qualifying ‘Passmark’ momentarily is 65 (60 with EOI), The minister for Australian citizenship and immigration has the authority to amend the passmark from time to time in order to reflect changes in the Australian  Labour Market and in the broader economy and society as well as changing demands on the part of prospective immigrants to Australia after which you may not qualify, hence you may have to shelve your dreams of immigrating to Australia for a lifetime, should the rules change.

Given the urgency of applying without further delay, it would be prudent to let us submit your application as early as possible. Failing to do so, you may be disqualified like many future applicants, who ignore the prevailing flexibility in the process, with a passmark of 65 (60 with EOI) and a generous occupation list, which compliments the present system.  Most importantly, if you are concerned about leaving your present job after the visas are issued to you, it is beneficial to be appraised of the option available to you, should you wish to delay your departure from the place of your present employment.

Procedures and Timeline

The following table breaks down the Australian program process in several steps.  Each step must be completed before continuing to the next.


The below given timeline is an estimate based on our experience with previous clients and is provided for information purposes only. Any changes that may occur, which may or may not affect an applicant’s processing, will not be the responsibility of Can-Quest Management Consultants. Governments can experience large volumes of applications, local authorities can modify required documents and/or processing delays, are some of the factors that may affect timings. Processing times will vary depending on where the application has been filed. For the latest up-to-date information, please refer to our website.

Skills Assessment

  • Skills Assessment usually takes 3-4 months;

State Sponsorship

  • State Sponsorship usually takes 1-3 months;

Federal Immigration Processing

  • Federal Immigration Processing usually takes 4-6 months.

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