Work Permit

Citizenship & Immigration Canada has recently tightened up and made more cumbersome the process of securing a Work Permit. Employers must prove without any doubt that they require a foreign worker, complete the necessary steps in the process and provide to HRSDC proof of this as well as to CIC when making the application. The employer and employee must both qualify and must meet very stringent requirements.

In order to qualify for a Work Permit to work in Canada for a Canadian employer, one must be in possession of the following prior to applying for the permit at a Canadian Visa Office:

  • Valid Offer of Employment (Must meet certain conditions);
  • Valid LMO (Labour Market Opinion) from HRSDC.

Can-Quest Management Consultants can assist the employer and the applicant through the process of applying for the LMO and then the Work Permit. A Work Permit is issued for the applicant which allows him/her to work for a particular employer, while his/her spouse is issued an “Open” Work Permit which allows him/her to work for any employer without requiring any further authorization. Children of the applicant may attend school like any Canadian and the entire family is eligible for provincial health care.

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