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If you are ready to take the plunge into the world of life-changing opportunities, the experienced and licensed Canada immigration consultants are here to serve your needs across the United Arab Emirates, Gulf and Indian subcontinent.

Immigration to Canada is a time-consuming process and best done right the first time.

From qualifying, to sending your visa application to getting your status approved it may take several months, and in some cases a few years. You want to make sure you have experience and professionalism on your side. Success should not be a chance you take.
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    Can Quest International Immigration Services is a leading immigration consultancy in Dubai. The Canadian consultant and his team have been consistently providing world-class expert services for Canada migration and citizenship from the U.A.E. for the last 25 years.

    We pride ourselves on providing the best possible service

    What Our Satisfied Clients Are Saying About Us …

    Ms. Oliva

    Frankly, getting a visa is not easy, but I am amazed at how professional the Can Quest staff is. They worked hard with me - from start to finish - and handled the whole application process until I got my entry permission. 

    Highly recommend this company, if you need the best Canada immigration service in Dubai.

    Mr. Lee

    If you want to get your immigration status approved fast and avoid a lot of problems, hire these professionals. Their top-notch experience and execution really make the difference.

    It only took me a few months to get my immigration visa. I’m so happy to migrate to Canada and start anew life in this country


    I have been very happy with Can Quest services from the very beginning. The professionalism, ethic, and knowledge of the law is incredible. 

    I can confidently say that Can-Quest is one of the best immigration company you can work with in the UAE. Besides offering reasonable rates they helped me to resolve all my entry visa issues.

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    We provide our clients with the best immigration services efficiently and affordably:

    • Migrate to Canada in less than 6 months once you have your ITA
    • Check your eligibility according to your age, education, work experience and language skills
    • Simplify a complex Visa Application Procedure
    Mr. Anthony

    I want to take this awesome opportunity to recommend this company to everyone who plans to immigrate to Canada quickly and easily. 

    Unlike many other immigration consultants in UAE, Can Quest offers services that help you save your time and money.I got my visa in January 2020. Wanted to thank everyone for all of their kind assistance I received.

    Mr. Nicholas

    I hired my first Canadian immigration lawyer in 2014 and after having my first interview I was denied. I was shocked and frustrated but didn’t want to give up, so in 2017 I went with my second consultant to my interview and once again I was denied.

     Then in 2019, I found Can Quest in Dubai. Their consultants began my process again and I am happy to say that I was approved for my residency.

    Mr. Albert

    I can’t wait to my move to Canada. Finally, I got my permanent residency status. 

    Though it was a long process, the consultants from Can Quest helped me through the entire process with my paperwork and interview.

    My dream came true, and thank you, guys, for everything!

    Now I am looking forward to better life in my new country. I would highly recommend these experts.

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    How to apply for Canada Immigration from Dubai

    Step 1
    Saskatchewan Express Entry

    Pre-qualify the applicant with requirements.

    Step 2
    Saskatchewan Express Entry

    Application submission according to Government guidelines.

    Step 3
    Saskatchewan Express Entry

    Accepted applicant isinvited to submit a complete application.

    Step 4
    Saskatchewan Express Entry

    An Immigrant Visa is issued.

    Who is Eligible to Apply for a Visa?

    Our mission is to enable clients to experience hassle-free migration process to Canada from any location in the United Arab Emirates. There are essentially three major requirements:

    • Should be a graduate with 1+ years of experience
    • Must be aged below 45
    • Must be fluent in English
    • Other requirements apply

    This is one of the easiest ways to obtain permanent residency in Canada. Of course, there are several other ways and programs for you to legally migrate to this country. Request a Call Back, and one of our immigration experts will get in touch with you.

    What are the Main Benefits of a Canadian Visa?

    Canada has one of the highest quality of life in the world,according to the United Nations Human Development Index. Canada was one of the pioneers for immigration programs and invites over 300,000 applicants per year.

    The immigrants who receive this kind of status are eligible to enjoy almost all the benefits as a regular citizen making this highly lucrative given the resource abundance and comforts enjoyed in the country.

    Why Choose Can Quest Services

    The immigration system of Canada is complex and ever changing. There are so many programs and choosing a program that’s right for you can be the most challenging part of the immigration process. We are one of the most respected Canada Immigration Consultants in the Middle East with over 25+ years of experience in personalized immigration service and support since 1993. 

    Our consultant is experienced and understands immigration issues and provide solutions, so your case will be filed without delay. 

    Can Quest, has empowered hundreds of immigrants to successfully prepare their immigration applications. Each case is unique and specific, so our immigration consultant and team will also provide the best possible evaluation of your case and suggest specific documentation in order to maximize the chances of success.

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