Citizenship by Investment in Canada

Citizenship by Investment in Canada Today

Canada is one of the most preferred countries by immigrants and has pioneered the concept of citizenship by investment.

With a population of over 40 million, Canada is the ninth biggest economy in the world. The country is diverse with a multicultural melting pot and also boasts of a low crime rate and the best banking system.

The immigrants who receive an investor visa are eligible to enjoy almost all the benefits as a regular citizen.

There are two official languages - English and French. It is also the country with the most access to free trade markets.

Canada has one of the highest quality of life in the world, according to the United Nations Human Development Index.

Given the resource abundance and comforts enjoyed in the country, this is a  great opportunity.

The Immigrant Investor receives a Permanent Residency Visa and is eligible to live and prosper in the country.

Such residents enjoy all rights such as free healthcare, free education for children, and so on.

An individual is eligible to apply for Citizenship and Canadian Passport only after three years of physical presence in the country under the Canada Citizenship by Investment Program (many such options are available depending on the province).

This program will enable all family members including the applicant, his/her spouse and children below 21 years of age to enjoy the benefits that the country offers and also travel to a whole lot of countries visa-free as Canada’s passport is ranked among the best in the world.

As a citizen by investment, you can participate as a voter, be a candidate in elections and play a pivotal role in government formation.  

This is an amazing privilege available to the new residents who have obtained citizenship through investment programs.

Canada offers the best the free world has to offer at a very reasonable and with benefits second to none.

Making Canada your new home is an easy decision considering the value it offers to you in terms of lifestyle and everything that you need to have for a happy and successful life.

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Citizenship by Investment Canada

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