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Will I have the same level of service once I have paid up all fees?

At Can-Quest, we do not leave you stranded once all your fees are paid up. Our aim is to present you with your immigrant visa and we understand that one satisfied client means 10 new referrals. So, we do not work with just one idea in our minds, to collect fees and not provide a complete service. We will make sure that you are satisfied. Finally, as members of C.S.I.C. we are bound by our code of ethics and conduct to treat each client fairly and avoid any mismanagement of their funds.

Are your fees to handle the complete application reasonable and inline with other consultants?

Yes, our fees are based on the amount of work required and are always competitive. While there may be people out there who may charge less or more than us, we have always given our clients the best service possible and our fees have never been an issue. Remember, you always get what you pay for! For more information on our fees and the government fees applicable, please contact our office.

What is your rate of success with clients applying for immigration?

Our rate of success is close to 100%. This mainly due to the care we take in accepting and handling each and every application for permanent residence. We have hundreds of testimonials to prove our rate of success and they are available for view at our office by any potential client.

Why are your fees payable in advance of receiving an immigrant visa and what guarantee do we have of receiving the visa?

We are a registered Canadian corporation in business for many years and with hundreds of successful applicants behind us. We are also licensed in the U.A.E. and have a special permit to provide Immigration and Citizenship Consulting Services.

Our main business focus is providing personal consultancy to clients from around the world where we charge very competitive fees to handle their immigration application. In order to provide our professional services, we must ask that you pay our fees as per our fee schedule. All fees paid are backed by a money refund guarantee that is part of our retainer agreement. We do not think it just to keep your money unless we have provided our services and you have succeeded in securing an immigrant visa.

Do you accept my application even if I don’t make the required points test?

Our business has been based on an honest assessment of your chances of success with the immigration process. If we don’t feel that we can succeed with your application, it is our policy to make that known at our first meeting. We do not believe in taking your money and wasting your time, if there is no hope of success.

How can CAN-QUEST help me, in handling my application for permanent residence?

We are a full service immigration consultancy firm and handle applications from start to finish. Our goal is to hand over your immigrant visa to you in the shortest time possible and with the least effort on your part. However, we have noticed that there are people who, either for financial reasons, or because they feel they are quite knowledgeable in the immigration process, have decided to make an application directly to the visa office.

Most times they just do not want to or cannot pay the professional fees required and can in many cases lead to a loss of time and money, when a refusal letter is received. It is important to let professionals in the field handle your application, so that success is virtually guaranteed.

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