Antigua - Citizenship by Investment Program

The largest of the English-speaking Leeward Islands attracts with its mesmerizing beaches of the finest white sand and azure waters. Join the family of celebrities who chose the island as a place for winter houses and neighbor with Oprah Winfrey, Eric Clapton, and many more.Program’s purpose is to attract investors of good character, who will make a substantial contribution to Antigua & Barbuda. Investment funds contribute to the development of the nation. Allows applicants to invest in Antigua & Barbuda and receive citizenship with a minimal residency requirement Visa free travel: Visa-free travel to the United Kingdom;Visa-free travel to the European Union; Visa-free travel to Canada; Visa-free travel to Hong Kong;Visa-free travel to many other countries worldwide; Visas for the United States are easily obtained.


→ Citizenship in a British Commonwealth country;
→ Visa-free travel to many countries worldwide;
→ Dual citizenship permitted;
→ Children may avoid military service in their home country;
→ Off-shore bank accounts, investments, and Antigua-incorporated companies give unique opportunities for business and tax planning;
→ Passports received in approximately 4-6 months.

What are the steps?

Being proactive in facilitating investors, the Government has adopted the Citizenship-by-Investment Program as one of the mechanisms to promote economic growth, attract developments, increase the inflows of foreign direct investment in the country, support the development of infrastructure, and provide for sustainable future.

As a result of the implementation of this strategy, investors can choose between different instruments to qualify for the Citizenship-by-Investment Program.



→ Dependent children must be under age 25, fully dependent on the principal applicant, and unmarried;
→ Dependent parents or grandparents must be over age 65, living with and financially dependent on the principal applicant;
→ No minimum net worth, No education requirement, No maximum age, → No business experience needed, No interview;
→ Must spend 35 days in Antigua and Barbuda in the 5 years following citizenship issuance (approximately 1 week /year);
→ Investment options (fees extra): → Contribute to the National Development Fund (US$ $250,000); OR → Invest in a Government-approved real estate development project (US$ $400,000); OR → Invest in an eligible business (US$ $1,500,000).


Complete medical examination;
Submit citizenship application and supporting documents;
Pay Government fees;
Government conducts due diligence check;
Invest in real estate or business, or contribute to the National Development Fund;
Citizenship certificate is issued;
Submit passport application and supporting documents;
Passport issued.


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