You are welcome to ask questions about various Canada and Provincial immigration programs, processing, file status, and related matters. Our Consultant will endeavour to answer the same as best he can, so please provide enough background information. Unfortunately, he can only answer general questions and not questions related to specific applications or matters that are confidential in nature.

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Alastair is a Canadian Citizen, member of ICCRC-Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council and CAPIC-Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants and an experienced immigration consultant and Commissioner of Oaths for Canada, while he is recognized by the Government of Australia as an Overseas Migration Agent.



Why hire a registered immigration consultant to represent you and your application?

A registered immigration consultant is a professional just like a chartered accountant, lawyer or medical professional. While each has their own education levels and licensing requirements and one cannot compare, the fact of the matter is each is licensed to practice their profession.

Immigration consultants must take education courses, accumulate professional development credits annually, be insured and have a thorough knowledge of the immigration act and regulations government immigration practice as well as their own professional governing body rules and regulations.

Therefore, when you are represented by one, you can be sure you are handing over your application to someone who is skilled and capable of doing a good job for you and getting you results. Everyone knows we can self medicate or submit your own divorce or other legal application in court, but would you really risk doing that when the outcome could be against you?


Why is it important to submit accurate information and relevant documents as per established guidelines of immigration programs?

There is a process when applying for immigration or other temporary stay applications. This process and requirements are governed by the immigration act and regulations which must be adhered to carefully to ensure you are not rejected, refused or end up losing time and money.

Checklists, document requirements and technical requirements must be known and followed at all times.


Is your application delayed? what could be the cause of this and what can you do about it?

A review of the application can sometimes give hints as to where delays can occur. A lack of information, nationality, places of residence, military or other government service etc., can all cause lengthy background checks and delays. Further, processing delays in general or other internal or external factors can be the cause. Formally checking for updates, securing application file notes and making request to the concerned office or program manager can provide answers.


How to choose the correct NOC or National Occupation Classification code for your Express Entry Profile so it matches your work history?

When you apply for permanent residence, you create an Express Entry profile in most cases. When doing so, you have to select the NOC code that applies to your job profile or the job you will use to meet requirements of the program, usually this will be the most relevant of at least 1 year in duration or longest in length, i.e. number of years you have worked in one single position. To do this, you must make sure the opening statement of the NOC code matches a substantial number of the duties you perform. There are pitfalls to this which can make you believe you qualify but when an officer reviews your documents during processing, he/she may find that the NOC code you selected does not really match your job duties as presented in your employment documents.


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