Why Choose the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

Why Choose the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

Quebec, the French-speaking province, along with Montreal its main city is the one of the oldest and the largest cities in Canada attracting immigrants for the culture, diversity and value it offers for a resident. 

Canada is one of the safest countries to live in, and the country promotes multiculturalism. People from different cultures live in harmony following their own respective religious beliefs and customs. 

The Canadian passport is one of the most respected and desired passports in the world and scores a rank of 4 as the most powerful passport in the world. The ranking scores indicate how many countries give visa-free access to the passport holder. 

Canada has breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, and you can live in one of the least polluted countries.

The government has stringent measures to keep air pollution under control and is committed to providing the citizens with clean air. 

Canada believes in good education and spends more money on the education of individuals more than any other country and has earned the status of the most educated country in the world.

 If you wish to immigrate to Quebec as an investor, the province offers you a lot of opportunities. 

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program offers you a host of benefits that may not be available in many immigration programs. Your investment of CAD 1,200,000 will be returned in full after a tenure of five years.

This is a guarantee from the Quebec Government. Alternatively, you may pay CAD$320,000 (non-refundable) and leave the rest to a financial institution that will pay the government on your behalf.

You will have no further obligation but meet the requirement of having paid up the $1.2 million that is required.  It is not necessary to be actively involved in the managerial roles after your  Investment.

You must show an intention to live in Quebec but may move to any other province should you wish to do so.  Enjoy the same benefits as Canadians, including access to free public education,  world-class universities, healthcare, etc. 

Family members (spouse and children) can be included in the application, and they enjoy  the same benefits as the candidate. 

The minimum requirement for applying for the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is as follows: 

Minimum Net Worth: CAD 2,000,000 net worth (alone or with the spouse or common-law partner if accompanying the applicant). The property, business holdings, bank accounts, pension funds, stocks, and shares are taken into account.

Business or Management Experience:  The candidate needs to have a minimum of two years’ management experience over five years before the submission of the application as a business owner or senior manager. The experience must be in a specific enterprise in a government or international agency, of a full-time nature. 

If the management experience is termed “professional,” the company should have at at least two full-time employees, excluding the candidate. 

If the candidate is retired at the time of submission of application, it is okay as long as he/she can provide a managerial experience of two years over the period of the last five years. 

The candidate must be able to demonstrate planning, supervision, and control of financial resources, human resources, or material resources under his/her authority. The experience possessed under the context of training, apprenticeship, or training process attested by a diploma cannot be included. 

Investment:  Agreement to invest an amount of CAD 1, 200,000 through an approved financial intermediary (Can be financed as mentioned above) is required. 

Requirements:  No age restriction, no language requirement or education is normally necessary to qualify. 

If you are pondering the idea of migrating to another country and meets the above qualifications for an immigrant investor program, the next step is to contact a professional Canada immigration consultant who has a good account of credibility. 

The experience of a consultant surely gives you a clear-cut idea of how to move ahead with your immigration plans.

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Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

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